Bizarre Fashion Trends, Most Bizarre Fashion Trends

Most Bizarre Fashion Trends

Today, we are living in an era where fashion trends change very frequently. We adapt our fashion trends from celebrities and models. Our accessories change day to day and with just a tap we order it from any online shopping website and it’s ready to use but if we go back into history’s fashion trends and their accessories, it was somewhat painful and had long processes but it more than a fashion symbol, it was considered as a symbol of power, class and royal status. Now they are considered to be bizarre and extremely harmful to human body.
Here are top three bizarre trends practiced by the ancient civilizations:


  1. Kayan Neck Rings

We know less about the Kayan history and it’s neck ring culture because there is no written history but we do know that the tradition of neck ring dates back to 11th century. The neck rings were typically made of long brass spiral and curled manually around the neck by experienced women of the tribe, the process took several hours because brass spiral was difficult to shape due to its hardness. No one is able to find a strong reason behind this bizarre body modification but some say that it was used as a defense from tiger attacks while others say it was used to make women less appealing which will protect them from taken by rival tribe’s men. Now, the centuries-old tradition seems to be fading with the development of Myanmar and villagers are trying to preserve the fading culture by promoting and generating income through tourism.


  1. Foot Binding

Foot binding was considered to be a symbol of beauty. You read that right!
It is said that foot binding was practiced by upper-class court dancers in the 10th century and it was carried until the early 20th century. The process of foot binding starts in the age of 4 to 9 and foot were bandaged, after a certain period of time the binding cloth was tightened to further break the bones in order to get the desired shape. As for men, a woman with the bound foot at his home was considered to be a symbol of power and wealth because economically those women were unproductive and being able to afford such a woman was a status of power. There were many health issues faced by women with a bound foot. It took a long time for foot binding to fade but it was stigmatized in China and the last Lotus shoe factory was closed in 1999.


  1. Head Elongation

There are many civilizations who had head modification trends but we will be focusing on the Mangbetu – people of Congo. The Mangbetu were cannibalistic people and practiced head binding/shaping, the custom was a status symbol among the ruling classes and considered a symbol of beauty among the people. The process of shaping head was carried since the birth of a child, in order to shape it, the infant’s head was wrapped tightly with a cloth or a cord to give it a streamlined look. However, the tradition was outlawed later by the Belgian government.These are the most painful and bizarre fashion trends from the past.
Let us know what you think about them and would you go for any of these fashion trends?

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Under-19 World Cup Final: India Outclass Australia To Claim Record 4th Title

A brilliant century by Manjot Kalra, backed up by able bowling performances by Ishan Porel, Shiva Singh, Ankul Roy and Kamlesh Nagarkoti sealed the deal for the Indian side in the ICC U-19 World Cup final at the Bay Oval on Saturday.

Even with a short rain-delay during the Indian innings, the Rahul Dravid-coached team did not lose their momentum. P.P. Shaw, Shubman Gill and H.M. Desai, with the steadying force of Kalra on the other end of the wicket, slowly chipped away at the 217 total the Australians had set for them.

Shaw fell early to Sutherland in the 11th over, bowled out. Gill was bowled out by Param Uppal at the 21st over.

Earlier, Australia, who got off to a good start after skipper Jason Sangha won the toss, was all out for 216 in 47.2 overs. The openers were dispatched back to the Pavillion fairly quickly by Ishan Porel and save for Jonathan Merlo’s solid 76, the Australian side fell like a house of cards. Merlo’s was the highest score in the side.

The Indian bowling side functioned brilliantly, with Porel, Shiva Singh, Roy and Kamlesh Nagarkoti taking two wickets apiece. Singh, who was the only bowler to bowl his full 10 overs, was the most economical, with a run rate of 3.6.

Gill was awarded Man of the Tournament, while Kalra was Man of the Match.

Manjot Kalra smashed an unbeaten century as India crushed Australia by eight wickets to lift the ICC Under-19 World Cup title at Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui on Saturday. This is India’s fourth Under-19 World Cup title. Chasing a modest 217 in the summit clash, India romped home in just 38.5 overs with eight wickets in hand. The 19-year-old Kalra slammed his century off 101 balls. Kalra became second Indian after Unmukt Chand to score a hundred in the U-19 World Cup final.

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So what goes into an online makeover?

How much of your work is reactive versus proactive?

How can people keep themselves safe from cyber extortionists—people who promise to erase undesirable content for a fee, and then ask for more money later to keep it offline?

What can people do to safeguard their online reputations?


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